Rendering Virtues and Values for a Brighter Vision and Better Future,

The motto of SKPS “In Search of Truth and Excellence” keeps the spirits sky-high and minds in the vision.

Vallombrosan Benedictine Community

St.Kuriakose Senior Secondary School is the dream and vision of Vallombrosan Benedictine Community in India. Located on a panoramic hilltop near Kaduthuruthy amidst a serene locale, quite close to the headquarters of the Benedictine Vallombrosan Monastery, St.Kuriakose Public School (SKPS) is easily accessible from all places. As a co-educational institution, the School promotes a wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities, making learning a pleasant and promising experience. Here, the students imbibe spiritual virtues and moral values which lead them to a brighter vision and higher mission.


A musk deer is the source of the ‘Kasthuri, that splendidly fills the forest ‘with it’s sweet aroma. But the plight of the animal is that, it doesn’t know, that it is the source of that kasthuri and therefore keeps wandering in search of the same. Dear Students, you are all unique creation of god. He has formed you with enough potentials and caliber. You are therefore, expected to find out your latent talents and capabilities. The moment you realize your potentialities, I bet, your life will change. You will enjoy each and every activity that you do. The very purpose of your life will be enhanced and you will start appreciating yourself. SKPS is a medium to help you realize your caliber and competency and nurture you to be an all rounder in every sphere of your life. There are innumerable opportunities in the school for you to develop your talents. You just need to explore the ocean of opportunities and I am sure that you can be the shining stars of tomorrow. May the abundant blessings of St.Kuriakose be upon you through out your voyage in SKPS to spread the radiance of love and service and thereby to make this world a better place to live in.