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How to Study Effectively

Probably the name ‘student’ comes from the Word ‘study’. Student and Study are closely related. A person who studies well is a studious student. The reward for a studious Student is the marks he gets. Therefore study is as important as food and air for a student.

Let us discuses today the importance of effective study. How should we study? Where should we study at home or at school? How long should we study each day? Let us also analyse our study pattern and check whether it is in the right direction. Should there be changes needed to  improve it.

To my opinion, an effective study has two inseparable parts. One is Listening  and the other is learning. Listening is done at school and learning is done at home. Many students misunderstand these two parts of study – listening and learning.

  1. What is effective listening?

Many students think that listening and hearing are the same. Of course, they are not the same. A student is expected to listen carefully to a teacher and not hear what he/she says. A teacher use diagrams, blackboard, text book, smart board etc. to make the student understand the topic well. Teacher’s actions, gesture, facial expressions, variations of voice, asking questions etc. are also very essential to help the student understand and remember a topic well.

What should the student do at the time of teaching?

He is expected to concentrate with all his sense organs, body and mind. He should also have a rough book to note down important points, black board summary etc for future reference. He should ask questions to the teacher to clear his doubts. A teacher may give more points than what is given in the text book. This type of concentration and attentiveness is called listening. On the other hand hearing is simply what we hear many things daily and forget later. In short, a student is expected to sit in class, listen well, understand the topic, clear all doubts, and note down important points.

  1. What is learning and the difference between learning and reading?

Understanding a topic thoroughly well is the first part of effective study. Learning the same topic is equally important to remember for a longer time. Learning becomes easy once you have understood the topic. Now let us discuss about learning.

There exists a wrong concept among students that reading a text book is everything for study. There is a lot of difference between reading and learning. Everyone reads newspaper and soon forgets the news and articles read earlier. Reading a text book will have the same effect only unless you learn it.

Unlike reading, learning is a process and takes time. 1 told earlier that learning takes place at home. For learning you need a quite room, a study table with all necessary study materials such as text book, rough book, fare note book, instrument box etc. There should be enough light and you shall be alone in the room. Don’t lock the room, but ensure that you are not distracted by children, Television, telephone, visitors etc. you  should not get up or leave the room before you finish learning at least one topic or subject.

The following steps may help you to have an effective study.

First of all you note the time to start study. Take your rough note book and go through the class work from the rough notes to refresh the memory. Read the same topic from text book. Underline important points at a second reading. Frame few questions so that the underlined points become the answers. Write these questions in a rough book.

Now try to answer these questions on your own without looking into the text book. If you have doubts, go through the text book again and again until you are able to answer all those questions without the help of text book.

Now take your fare note book and write the summary of the topic briefly, having all those points marked. The note can be written in the form of question –answer model or subheading – paragraph model. After the completion  of learning, note down the total time spent. Now you may have a break or continue learning with another subject

A hardworking student takes 3 to 4 hours each day to complete the learning of all subjects taught in the same day and then only go to bed. He will wake up early morning, look at the days time table, revise all subjects taught previously. He may take 2 to 3 hours for revision each day.


I hope you have understood that listening is not simply hearing. Listening to understand a topic  is a must for learning.

Learning is not simply reading. It is a systematic process taking more time than listening at school. Remember the essential factors for learning.

  1. A peaceful mind.
  2. A calm and quiet place with all study materials readily available
  3. A real interest and liking for study and subject
  4. No external disturbances
  5. Constant revision

A successful student works hard while others sleep.

George  Korah(Vice Principal, SKPS)